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Premium Garage Door & Gate Repair Reseda Has Your Glass Garage Doors!

Glass garage doors are one of the hottest new trends on the market and you can bet we are cornering the market in Reseda. We have been handling these great garage doors for years and we are proud to say we are good at both repairing and installing new glass garage doors. Some of our competition is not as good, though. Some of our previous customers have told us they learned this the hard way. There is a very small margin of error when it comes to working with glass garage doors. Either you know what you are doing or you do not know what you are doing.



* Emergency Garage Door Repairs

* Commercial Roll Up Doors

* New Garage Doors

* Garage Door Springs

* Garage Door Openers

* Garage Door Accessories

* Wood Garage Doors

* Garage Door Off-Track

* Glass Garage Doors

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have a team of garage door experts that will help install and repair your glass garage door from A, to Z!
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Let Premium Garage Door & Gate Repair Reseda help you with all your glass garage door repairs and installations. Relax and enjoy your new glass garage door


They Are More Durable Than Most Regular Garage Doors!


Yes, this my sound a little odd given that they are comprised primarily of glass in most cases. However, they do not rust for the most part and they certainly do not rust. The tempered glass is meant to withstand most inclement weather and other bad elements that impact garage doors. You should even still be okay to own one if you live by a golf course! The best part about our’s other than the eye candy? The price. We have the best rates on the installation and the door itself in the entire Reseda area! Just call us today at (818) 200-4404 for more information!


We never recommend that anyone work on these doors themselves. These glass garage doors are beautiful to look at but very dangerous to work on if you are not a certified garage door technician. All of our service technicians are even certified to work on these glass garage doors. They can handle everything from the installation to repairs if need be. You can have one of our techs on the spot within half an hour just by calling (818) 200-4404!

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Our Glass Garage Doors Services Include:

*Glass Garage Door Repair
*Clear Glass,
*Gray Tinted Glass,
*Bronze Tinted Glass,
*Mirrored Glass,
*Obscure Glass,
*White Laminate Glass,
*Frosted or Acrylic Glass,
*Clear Acrylic Glass,
*Gray Acrylic Glass,
*White Acrylic Glass,
Metal Framing,
*Wood Framing and more!